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The Lifty eliminates the pressure on the knee caused by dangling snowboards when riding chairlifts. Eliminating this fatigue markedly extends riding time.

The QanTeq Mission


​Do you crave choice? The QuadVape can hold up to four oil pens at once!

The VDAB 200

QanTeq's has just released the VDAB, a revolutionary vaporizer for essential extracts.

Vape Pen Case

​Protect your pen from contaminates in this stylish metal case.

Waterproof · floats · crush resistant.

Our visionary engineers ceaselessly observe user experience with an eye for making people's lives measurably better. Where we see weakness we redesign functionality, taking products to the next level of performance. We also create new products to solve problems where none exists.

Many of our product designs are created for entrepreneurs and businesses. If you have a great idea but need engineering talent to bring it to life, give us a call. Several of our customers have received patents for designs we've engineered. The company founder personally holds one patent and two are pending.

Accepting outside submissions: Not at this time